Little Campers

I am talking to a co-worker about buying his used F150 and selling my Outback. The Outback just doesn’t have the power to pull anything and I think we are going to buy a small camper to use over the next 2-3 years.

Kim and I just missed out on a 2014 Casita Liberty in a nearby town. It listed on Thursday and sold Friday night. A couple drove all the way in from Grand Rapids to get it. I think we are going to call the factory and see if there is a local one we can go and see.

We went hiking at the Proud Lake state recreation area and met a couple with a brand new TAG camper trailer. They had only just picked it up from General RV on Friday and this was their shake down camping trip. It was nice inside, about as much room as the tent we camp in.

We are continuing to sell items that aren’t needed (but I still kinda want). The motorcycle is on Craig’s list as of today. I have been riding it less and less the last couple of years and can’t see keeping it. I am still sorry to see it go but I would rather have the funds and the room in my garage.

If you have some format tips on the 3 diary’s it would help me a bunch. Getting the three diary’s to show in a meaningful way is eluding me. Ideally I would like to show 3 columns with the entries running in tandem. Having them on different pages just doesn’t work. I’ll figure it out eventually.

Happy Monday!

Dan & Kim