10 Zen Things

I was reading some of Wandering Spirits early posts and I really liked the “Zen Things” post. So I will share it here.

10 Zen Things

1.  Do one thing at a time
2.  Do it slowly and deliberately
3.  Do it completely
4.  Do less
5.  Put space between things
6.  Develop rituals
7.  Designate time for certain things
8.  Devote time to sitting
9.  Smile and serve others
10.  Make cleaning and cooking time become meditation time.
11.  Think about what is necessary
12.  Live simply

I like it, hope you do too.



Post Eclipse Post

SAMSUNG CSCIts been a great summer. One of the highlights for me was the seeing the TOTAL eclipse. We drove down and stayed at a campground call “Made in the Shade” in Granville Tennessee.

The Casita towed like a dream. The Pathfinder pulled like a champ.

The only travel issue we experienced on the way down was at Cincinnati. There was a 3 car accident that brought us to a stop for an hour. While we waited a Ford F150 that was idling a bit ahead of us caught fire and burned up. After we got by the mess the exit for bridge over the river was down to one lane due to construction. It just looked like another long wait – a mile of cars – I know this because I stayed left and went into town. We got a 2ndary bridge over the river and were back on I 75 pretty quick. Granville TN was nice. They do a Blue Grass radio show at the General store in town on Saturdays. We missed it but it sounded like fun. The folks were very friendly and I enjoyed our time there.

The total eclipse was pretty cool. I have seen a few partial but this was far better. I jokingly said “It was the 2nd best 2-1/2 minutes of my life…..”

She just rolled her eyes.

So August was pretty good. September and October have been good too. We did some local camping and also did a couple road trips to Tobermory CN and to the beer festival in Escanaba MI.

Wash and wax and winterized the Casita,  and now Pip is in storage till next years ramblings